Worn in by... Anna

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This is the first in a photo series of people and their worn in Anna Walker London products. One of the reasons I choose to work with vegetable-tanned leather is for it's longevity and the way it evolves and wears with use. I want to celebrate the beauty of this evolution, unique to each person and each piece - and I thought what better place to start than with myself!

I began using my Tan Small Brunswick Tote almost a year and a half ago and have used it virtually every single day since. I generally have ignored all the usual advice; I've used my tote in the pouring rain, in bright sunlight and just the other day I accidentally spilt a whole bottle of water into it. It looks dramatically different from where it started out!

However, it takes all the abuse I put it through and still remains strong and look gorgeous. I use a conditioning leather balsam occasionally to maintain suppleness and to lessen the appearance of any unfortunate encounters with brick walls. With a little bit of love and (a little bit more) respect I'm hoping to continue to use my tote for years to come.

It's worn in, not worn out.

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