All the materials that make Anna Walker products are chosen responsibly with the core values of respect for nature, environmental impact and longevity of use.

We use the finest Italian vegetable-tanned cow hides, a byproduct of the food industry. The hides come from Northern European farms which adhere to strict ethical standards. The artisanal technique of vegetable-tanning is the most ancient method for treating leather. The slow and careful process uses natural tannins extracted from wood, bark, fruits and leaves. Vegetable-tanned leather is soft to touch, contains no toxic irritants, develops a rich patina with use and biodegrades.

Where possible, our hardwear is solid brass, a metal alloy chosen for its beauty, strength and resistance to corrosion.




 All Anna Walker products are proudly made locally, in London.

The small scale production is split across the our studio in South West London and specialist leather-workers at workshops in East London. Keeping production small minimises waste. Keeping production local minimises milage and supports the rich history of making in London.

The way the products are constructed respects the materials that they are made with. The raw cut edges are often not hidden with coloured paints and bags are left unlined.




Anna studied Fashion Design at the University of Westminster, graduating in 2009. After working as a stylist for brands including Liberty and Burberry Anna launched annawalkerlondon.com in 2014.

Anna's design ethos is not trend lead; she blends functionality, clean lines and simplicity to create long lasting products of the highest standard.