Worn in by... David


For the second instalment in the photo series I haven't strayed far from home. Let me introduce David Walker - aka, my dad. 

David trained as an architect in the late 1970s and worked for a London based practice. After making partner he decided to pursue his love of drawing and painting and set himself up as an architectural illustrator. Whilst he is still working in this field today he also has also made a name for himself as an accomplished and prize winning artist working in both watercolour and oils. 

Earlier this week I visited David in his studio in South West London.

David has had his Cardholder and Keyring for nearly two years and he uses them every day. When I asked him what he likes about them he tells me that he used to carry a huge wallet but only ever used a few cards from it. 'The Travel Cardholder is the perfect size to have in your pocket,' says David, 'it makes you only carry the essentials. It's a good discipline!'

As for the personalisation, in addition to 'reminding me who they belong to', David also says it gives him a sense of his cardholder and keyring being 'a bit more special'.

David has;

 a Travel Cardholder in Black with gold foil personalisation


a Keyring in Tan with blind debossed lettering.

They're worn in, not worn out.


You can check out some of my dad's beautiful paintings here: davidwalkerstudio.com

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